CAS number:114-07-8

Molecular formula:C37H67NO13

molecular weight:733.9268

Chemical structure:

Erythromycin Base
Shelf Life
3 years
Test Items Specification Results
Characteristics White,crystalline powder White,crystalline powder
Identification To comply Complies
Specific optical rotation -71°一78° -74°
Related substances
To comply Complies
Any impurity <3.0% 2.7%
Total impurity <7.0% 5.9%
Thiocyanate <0.3% Complies
Water <6.5%w/w 4.3%w/w
Sulphated ash <0.2%w/w Complies
ASSAY (anhydrous substance) 93.0%~102.0% 98.2%
Erythromycin B <5.0% 2.8%
Ervthromvcin C <5.0% 3.3%
Conclusion: Product complies with EP6.0.