CAS number:71125-38-7

Molecular formula:C14H13N3O4S2

molecular weight:351.4007

Chemical structure:

Product Meloxicam
Shelf Life 3 years
Testing Subjects Standard Testing Results
Appearance A pale yellow powder; A pale yellow powder;
Identification Should comply with the IR Spectrum Comply with the IR spectrum
Impurity A Nmt 0.1% < 0.03%
Impurity B Nmt 0.1% Not detected
Impurity C Nmt 0.05% Not detected
Impurity D Nmt 0.05% < 0.03%


Any other impurity Nmt 0.1% < 0.03% (260nm)
Total impurities Nmt 0.3% 0.06% (350nm)
Heavy Metal Nmt 20 ppm < 20ppm
Loss on drying Nmt 0.5% 0.02%
Sulphated ash Nmt 0.1% 0.03%
Assay on dried basis 99.0%-101.0% 100.1%
Conclusion: complies with the EP7.0 Standard