Sulfathiazole Sodium

CAS number:144-74-1

Molecular formula:C9H8N3NaO2S2

molecular weight:277.3

Chemical structure:

Product name: Sulfathiazole sodium
Expiry Date: Four years
Inspection Standard: NF11
Items Specifications Results
Characterstics White or yellowish white powder or crystalline White crystalline powder
Identification A:The infrared absorption spectrum Meets A,B and C examine.
B:The reaction of primary aromatic amines
C: The tests of sodium
Alkalinity PH=9.0~10.0 9.8
Heavy metals ≤20ppm <20ppm
Related substances Meets, (≤0.5%) Meets,(<0.5%)
Loss on drying 6.0~10.0% 7.7%
Assay 99.0~101.0% 99.32%
(The dried substance)

Conclusion : The above mentioned product conforms to NF11