Sulfamerazine sodium

CAS number:127-58-2

Molecular formula:C11H11N4NaO2S

molecular weight:286.29

Chemical structure:

Product name:    Sulphamerazine sodium
Expiry Date:  Three years
Inspection Standard:  USP15
Analysis content Specifications Analysis Results
Identification A: Precipitate of acidification, responds to Identification tests under Sulfamerazine. Meets A、B examine
B: The tests of Sodium
Characteristics White or faintly yellowish white crystalline powder or crystals. Meets 
Solubility Clear, not more coloured than BY4 Meets 
Alkalinity PH=10.0-11.0 PH=10.3
Heavy metals ≤20ppm <20ppm
Loss on drying ≤2.5% 1.9%
Assay(%) 99.0%----101.0%(The dried substance) 99.6%(The dried substance)
Conclusion : Meets USP15 specification